Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly SAGA

So I decided to continue with some SAGA conversions ... today, we see Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity as seen through a SWSE lens. Many thanks to IMDB and Wikipedia for some of the information below. If I get the hankering, I might stat up the rest of the crew, as well as some of the more colorful characters of the 'Verse.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Mal comes from the world of Shadow where his family owned a ranch. His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother and many ranch hands. It is unknown if he has any borthers or sisters. During the war for independence from the Alliance, Mal was a Sargent in the 57th Brigade of Browncoats for the Independents, and led his platoon into many battles. Ultimately, he was forced to surrender after the Battle of Serenity Valley on Hera, and soon after the war ended with the Browncoats losing. During the war Zoe Washburne was under his command and proved to be a fierce fighter and loyal subordinate. After the war Mal purchased the old Firefly and called it Serenity after the battlefield. Zoe joined him as first mate. Both Mal and Zoe have a deep hatred of the Alliance and any and all forms of authority. Mal lost all sense of hope and faith during the horrific war and is now an almost empty shell of a man, and keeping his ship and crew safe is his main purpose in life. He also has a sense of nobility about him, helping the weak and those in need when he can. We get the sense that he is a good man which circumstances have made into a criminal (one can also view him as a soldier who makes a distinction between friend and foe). His sheltering of Simon and River Tam from the Alliance is but one sign of this noble and caring attitude. Mal has a keen ability to make plans, which usually go wrong, but he also has the ability to think on his feet and improvise. He'd rather settle arguments with a gun or his fists than any other way, but will back down if the odds are not in his favor. Mal has very different relationships with the others on board Serenity. During the course of the show there was a great deal of unresolved romantic tension between himself and Inara Serra, a registered Companion who lives on the ship. Mal trusts Zoe to watch his back and depends on her a great deal. Jayne Cobb the mercenary is one person Mal doesn't trust and many timess the two men have almost come to blows. Kaylee the mechanic is like a younger sister to Mal, while Simon Tam and Mal have a great deal of tension between them because of the actions of Simon's mentally troubled sister River which causes problems at times. Mal see's River in a different light from Simon. He see's her as a tool with her ability to "see into things" and as an equal on the ship as crew member. He also dislikes how the Alliance tampered with her, trying to make her "better" which is something he doesn't hold with. Shepherd Book is like an adviser to Mal. Wash the pilot and Mal have a cordial relationship that has occassional problems since Zoe is Wash's wife and he doesn't really understand the bond that Mal and Zoe have from the war. Mal is a hero but a flawed one, a criminal, but an honorable thief and ultimately someone who is a natural born leader.

Malcolm Reynolds CL 12
Medium Human scoundrel 4 / soldier 5 / gunslinger 3
12; Dark Side 0

+13; Senses Perception +14

Basic, Trade Language
Ref 19 (flat-footed 16), Fort 27, Will 27

hp 120; Threshold 32
6 squares

Ranged slugthrower pistol +13 (2d6+7)
Base Atk
+11; Grp +13

Atk Options
Combat Reflexes, Mighty Swing, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Special Actions
Coordinated Attack, Disruptive, Fortune's Favor, Indomitable, Knack, Lucky Shot, Quick Draw, Shake it Off, Trusty Sidearm +1

Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 17

Talents Fortune's Favor, Knack (x1), Lucky Shot, Disruptive, Lucky Shot, Disruptive, Indomitable (x1), Tough as Nails
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Combat Reflexes, Coordinated Attack, Extra Second Wind (x1), Improved Damage Threshold (x1), Martial Arts I, Mighty Swing, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Shake it Off, Skill Training (x1), WP (pistols, rifles, simple)
Deception +14, Endurance +14, Gather Information +14, Initiative +13, Perception +14, Persuasion +14, Pilot +13

Possessions slugthrower pistol, blast helmet and vest, hip holster, pistol clip (x2)