The Harvester v2.0

So over at The Atomic Think Tank, I had posted a character in the 1st edition M&M days that was a homage to the old slasher flicks that I grew up with. Well, somehow I had missed a request to see a 2nd ed version ... so I wanted to change that. Below is the 2nd edition stats and info on The Harvester, including the original plot seeds and a few more. I had also posted the original over at The Hero Games boards, but the stats stayed the same. Enjoy.

The Harvester
No one knows where it came from. It kills without mercy and is almost unstoppable. In the past, it seemed content on hunting teenagers and delinquents in the woods, but in more recent years, its taken to hunting in cities and going on killing sprees. The last time it was seen was Halloween of '07, it wandered into Freedom City and was barely stopped by the combined might of The Freedom League and the hero Foresight. But it's been "taken care of" in the past. Only time will tell when the Harvester will rise
again ...

Learning about The Harvester

Gather Information

DC 15
Last Halloween, there was something called The Harvester that attacked the Freedom League.
DC 20
The working theory is that something summoned the creature and brought it to Freedom City.
DC 25
After it was defeated, it was given a proper burial in hopes of letting it rest in peace.

The Harvester
PL 16

Abilities: Str 20/+5, Dex 14/+2, Con 20/+5, Int 10/+0, Wis 12/+1, Cha 15/+2
Combat: Attack +10
, Defense +8, Initiative +2
Saves: Toughness +11/+5, Fortitude –, Reflexes +2, Will +7
Climb 2 (+12/+7), Intimidation 9 (+11), Notice 4 (+5), Search 4 (+4), Stealth 5 (+7),
Survival 4 (+5)

Feats: Attack Specialization (Soulreaver), Critical Strike, Diehard, Fearless, Fearsome Presence 5, Improved Critical (Soulreaver), Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Instant Up, Power Attack, Rage 2, Startle, Takedown Attack, Track
Powers: Device (Judgement Scythe) 2 (Indestructible, Restricted 3), Device (Soul Reaver Sickle) 7 (Indestructible, Restricted 3), Enhanced Strength 10, Immoveable 5 (Unstoppable [+1]), Immunity 33 (Aging, Critical Hits, Fortitude Saves), Mind Shield 10, Protection 10 (Impervious 8 [+1]), Regeneration 28 (Bruised/Unconscious: no action, Injured/Staggered: 1 rnd, Disabled: 1 rnd, Resurrection: 1/rnd; Persistent, Regrowth; True Resurrection [+1]), Super-Sense 2 (Detect People), Super-Strength 4
Strike 8 (Mighty), Elongation 1

Strike 5 (Mighty), Drain (Wisdom) 12 (Slow Fade 10; Linked to Strike [+0])

Abilities 31 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 184 + Combat 36 + Saves 0 = 277


7th Son of a 7th Son:
One of the players is a decendent of someone who wiped out the magicians. Now, in the present day, the Harvester has found this information and zeroed in on the character. How can his team mates stop an unstoppable killing machine?

Grudge Match:
As a child, one of the character's NPCs was involved in an attack by The Harvester. Now an adult, the killer has come back to finish them off while with the hero's secret ID.

His Soul is MINE!:
A magic wielding villain has bonded the little will that the Havester has to his control. Recently, the killer's been commiting odd crimes (bank robberies, museum raids, etc). How will the heroes counter the killer in time to find out who's really behind the thefts?

Something has awakened the Harvester again. Once again invading the city proper, the creature begins stealing arcane artifacts. The PCs gather to battle it, but the creature only attacks if provoked. Who's behind the rebirth? And why do they want the artifacts?

Harvester is a creation of DT Butchino. M&M is owned by Green Ronin Games.

Spectacular Spider-Man!

I normally don't work with other companies' characters ... but over at The Atomic Think Tank they've started a "Project Redesign" thread with Spider-Man. So I had an idea that you'll see to your right. Kind of fun ... I may have to stat him out sometime and give him a full history OHotMU style.

I call him Spider-Man of Earth 2671. Points to those who know why that Earth is significant.