The Hit Parade

Starting today and every Friday, I'll be posting to a new blog called The Hit Parade. Being a big Star Wars fan and gamer, I decided to start posting characters to a fake bounty hunter blog in the Star Wars universe. Each post will have some illustrations and a PDF of the character in question. If you like to game and need a NPC, stop by and check it out!

Oh ... and I'll be blogging here more regularly as well .... planning a day every week to blog ... honest!

I'm All-In!

I'm still here gang! Just working on a few ideas and typing like a mad-man these days in between looking for work and doing stuff with the family. So, 'bout a year ago, I contributed to a project for Green Ronin called Wild Cards: All-In. Well, a year later and guess what? It's on its way to stores soon! I'm kind of excited about this one, as I've always been a big Wild Cards and jumped at the chance to work on something for it. It's currently out in PDF and should be out soon in print. In related news, I wrapped up an art project a few weeks back for another company. Soon as it's close to release, I'll let everyone know.

In other news, I started running some
4th edition Dungeons & Dragons for my kids and some of their friends. So far, we have a pretty well-rounded group and everyone's made characters (with the exception of a few that couldn't make the first session, but we'll catch them up soon). Next session, they go on their first adventure! May have to log a bit of adventure fun here, we'll see. That's all I've got for now ...